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Translation Series

A Visual Interpretation of Words to Inspire

The basis of these works is a selection of thought provoking, innovative quotes from a 
variety of our most highly regarded naturalists, philosophers, ideological and spiritual leaders. 

The combination of words and letters from each quote is used to create an abstraction of the ideals being recognized, resulting in a unique perspective to the viewer, allowing for a visual journey of contemplation. Each painting is made up solely by the abstract configuration of a quote in its entirety.

The random boldness of the raw strokes and the use of primary colors is a means to project their voice. A personal depiction of words 
that resonate, bringing forth an abstract, delineative,
language derived from a visceral rendition.

The unstretched canvases are hung simply to portray pages in a book, a casually tangible visual journal
of thoughts, pondering how we internalize these words from various sources, 
make conscious decisions and in turn act on society as a whole. Serving as a reminder of 
 the basic principles that connect us around the world, regardless of our political, religious 
or geographical differences, instilling a sense
of hope for positive change.

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